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Our Services

Our Services include Engineering Design, Maintenance and Project Management.

We are focused on rendering premium service to our customers and most importantly our customer service goal is to remove any potential causes of dissatisfaction by ensuring our services are timely, effective and durable.

Clients look to ARMECO to deliver complex engineering projects in challenging locations around the country.Our project management expertise comes to the forefront on every job.

As project managers, ARMECO integrates all the activities of initiating, planing & design, executing (engineering procurement, fabrication and construction) monitoring, control and closing functions to meet client expectations.

Thanks to our maintenance services, we ensure that products continue to perform optimally during their expected service life.

Engineering Design

A lot of our design engineer’s time is spent on research, gathering, applying, and transferring information.

Using mathematical and key engineering principles, our engineers analyze the potential performance of the solution and determine if our design is ideal. Our design process entails:

  •   Defining the problem
  •   Gathering pertinent information
  •   Generating multiple solutions
  •   Analyze and select a solution
  •   Test and implement the solution
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Project Management

ARMECO often serves as overall program manager on large-scale capital projects involving high value goods and services in challenging locations. Using risk, scope and cost management techniques, we guarantee on-time, quality delivery.

We Provide complete satisfaction to clients by giving detailed progress reports and convening project review meetings when needed to ensure that our clients get nothing less than the best.

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Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) activities include both Corrective  and Preventive maintenance.

We employ MRO software to avoid equipment down times, unnecessary production losses and HSE violations. Our maintenance approach is to increase system availability, reducing costs, repair times and material supply time while increasing material availability by improving supply chain communication.

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