Company Background

AREWA METEAL CONTAINERS (ARMECO) was established in 1968 as a joint venture between italian and Nigerian Entrepreneurs at a time the Nigerian Petroleum Industry was in its infancy. The promoters of the company had rare foresight to anticipate the profound effect that the commodity was destined to have on the nation's economy and thus started a project to provide services and products for the storage and transportation of both wet and dry cargo using steel as a base material.

AMECO Background
Fabrication of Semi -TrailerTanker at ARMECO


ARMECO was the first of such business north of the Niger and within a few years had overtaken the few competitors it had in the South in the manufacture of Mobile Units such as Body on Chasis, Semi-Trailer Tankers for fuel, edible oil, and water, Semi-trailer Tippers and production of bodies for haulage and construction .

ARMECO has proved to be a success from its inception. It is a pacesetter among similar industries located in different parts of Nigeria. The Company is noted and in fact, has made a name for its quality and maintenance of high standard Products and Services.