Engineering Design

A lot of our design engineer’s time is spent on research, gathering, applying, and transferring information.The first step is getting acquainted with as much information as possible.  we try to understand the needs and requirements of our clients in order to produce the best possible solution. We ask questions, such as, “Is something already on the market that may solve the problem? What is wrong with the way it is being done? What are the positives of the current methods? How much does it cost? How can we improve on it ? How can we reduce the cost to the client without compromising on quality? All these questions help us get a better grasp on the engineering design problems at hand.

Using mathematical and key engineering principles, our engineers analyze the potential performance of the solution and determine if our design is ideal. Our design process entails:

  •   Defining the problem
  •   Gathering pertinent information
  •   Generating multiple solutions
  •   Analyze and select a solution
  •   Test and implement the solution